Bathrooms & Bathroom Renovations 
A place to relax and unwind.

The core of the home can be ascribed to many rooms and spaces yet none as essential as the Bathroom.

Your bathroom has the capability to change your mood, your look and be a private santurary. Between the morning hurry ups “I need to pee”, to winding down at the end of a long day with a relaxing soak in the bath, your bathroom is a space to relax, unwind and to be reinvigorated.

Every family is different and the needs of every household are different. Maybe you need a bathroom that can be a space for the whole family to get ready for the day or a peaceful place for dad to do his Suduko’s.  Whatever your dream bathroom Michael Chilcott Building & Renovations can transform it to accommodate your needs and wow the fussiest of visitors.

If you’re like most homeowners, you have more than one bathroom in your home – there’s the master bath, the one the kids share, and the powder room for guests. And at one time or another, you’ve said it’s time to renovate one or all of them. Now is the time. Bathroom renovations provide a great return on your investment – both financially and emotionally.

Here are just a couple of our recent bathroom projects.

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Our Bathroom Renovation Process

Imagine your master bathroom with space for two – separate sinks, a barrier-free shower with a relaxing rain-like showerhead, a spa tub for an after-work retreat, warm floors in the winter and warm towels year round. Michael Chilcott Building and Renovations are the Local Experts in Bathroom Renovations from spicing up that drab bathroom to creating a full immersive steam room to unwind in, we are here to make your bathroom dreams a reality.

Step 1. DESIGN

Have your own ideas or would you like our team to design the bathroom of your dreams?

We can work either way, but it is usually a combination.

Beginning with a free discovery consultation, we get a feel for how your family uses the bathrooms in your home, how many bathrooms you have, what features you need to keep the whole family happy come the morning get ready rush. Fancy heated towel rails or a spa for two… The sky’s the limit (well actually the ceiling is).

Step 2. BUILD

Imagine being able to strip everything out of your current bathroom and then coming home to a perfect laundry.

Michael Chilcott Build & Renovations will start by striping out your current bathroom, usually back to its bares. Then we make your bathroom dreams turn into reality, piecing it together; piece by piece, element by element until everything is working together in perfect balance.

Let’s create a Bathroom that every will want to be in…..

“We strive to provide you with only the best quality materials, amazing workmanship and a stress-free project from start to finish”

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