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Whether you live on your own or you have a family, laundry rooms are often the most frustrating and unpleasant in the house. A renovation can transform even the most inefficient and cramped spaces into an organised and enjoyable room that allows you to get your work done without the frustration.

Michael Chilcott Building & Renovations can design a laundry that is specifically tailored to your needs and allow for effective use of your laundry space.

Imagine your laundry room with space for both washer and dryer, folding and organization areas, a jetted sink for hand washables, warm-heated floors in the winter, warm towels year round, streaming media throughout for your entertainment… your imagination and our team of experienced tradesman can make the perfect laundry remodelling team!

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Our Laundry Renovation Process

The Michael Chilcott Building & Renovations team knows how to create a laundry space that will be the envy of every nosy neighbour and family/friends.  You will be amazed how with the right equipment, the perfect sink, faucets, hardware and a great balance of colour can transform that crapped room of the house into an overnight sensation!

Step 1. DESIGN

Have your own ideas or would you like our team to design the laundry room of your dreams?

We can work either way, but it is usually a combination. 

Beginning with a free discovery consultation, we get a feel for how your family uses the laundry, what do you hate about your laundry area and what you like; what features you would like in your new space – the sky’s the limit (well actually the ceiling is).

Your dreams are only capped by your budget – but we can work within that too… it’s amazing how creative we can get!

Step 2. BUILD

Imagine being able to strip everything out of your current laundry and then coming home to a perfect laundry. 

Michael Chilcott Build & Renovations will start by striping out your current laundry, usually back to its bares. Then we make your laundry dreams into reality, piecing it together; piece by piece, element by element until everything is working together in perfect balance.

We strive to provide you with only the best quality materials, amazing workmanship and a stress-free project from start to finish.

Your laundry will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

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